Compact Server Side: fiber laser cutting automation

Compact Server Side: fiber laser cutting automation

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Features: The Compact Server Side is a which enriches Cy-laser’s fiber laser product range. It allows It consists in a combination of vacuum cups, air blow and brush which separate the sheets and an electronic system which controls that the sheet being picked up is only one. Through a vacuum system the sheet is placed onto the pallet changer, which then moves into the laser machine to start the cutting process. At the end, the sheet exits out and a “comb style” automatic system lifts and unloads it on a dedicated plane. When the entire cutting process is completed the plane moves towards the operator who then proceeds with the unloading. Contattaci! Cy-laser SRL – Via Lago di Alleghe, 58-60 36015 Schio (VI) Italy T. +39 0445 576551 / P.I C.F IT03630330243 – –